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The Economics…

The Big Question:
How, Exactly, Will a Perfect Proofing System
Impact My Bottom Line?

Let’s see if we can come up with some numbers that are specific to your operation. This form lets you input ink correction times and press speeds that are appropriate for your plant. (You must have javascript enabled for the following functions to work.)

Answer these 8 questions and get an answer instantly. Enter values below as positive numbers - DO NOT USE COMMAS. (Ten thousand = 10000, not 10,000)

A properly implemented Perfect Proofing System should impact your materials costs as follows:

How much did you pay your ink vendors last year? $ SAVINGS from Ink Not Used while inks are being adjusted. $
How much did you spend on stock last year? $ SAVINGS from Stock Not Used while inks are being adjusted. $
What is the AVERAGE billing rate for your presses? $ Total Ink & Stock Savings $
During an AVERAGE shift, how many inks need to be modified on-press? The Perfect Proofing System also converts downtime spent correcting inks into productive hours. Your input creates the following projection:
Throughout the year, how many shifts do you average per day? Est. Value of Recovered Press Time (per year) $
If an ink is wrong, about how many minutes does it take to correct and re-ink? Total Annual Savings for this plant $
Run Rate When Down
(enter as a % between 0 and 100)
On AVERAGE, how many presses do you run during a shift?

Notes: The calculations run on this page are based on these three assumptions.
  1. Normal press make ready time has not been taken into account by this calculator. Therefore, the savings generated above should be considered conservative. Your Integrity Engineering representative has a more sophisticated program that he will be happy to run if you want to investigate further.
  2. 2000 hours annually per shift.
  3. No Sunday drives.

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