Q: What is the Speed of the Perfect Proofer?
A: the speed is adjustable from 20 FPM to 150 FMP

Q: What is the print repeat?
A: The print repeat is approximately 6 inches long by 2.75 inches wide.
click here to download a plate template.

Q: What inks can I use on the system?
A: All inks can be used on the system including but not limited to, UV, water, solvent, print electronics inks

Q: What anilox volumes should I use?
A: The same LPI and Volume as in your press. The Perfect Proofer has a 1 to 1 correlation with the press.

Q: What materials can I print on?
A: Almost any material that can be run on a press can run on the Perfect Proofer. From .5 mill film to corrugated board

Q:What are some of the advantages of the Perfect Proofer?
A: The system uses the same components (photopolymer plates, stickyback, doctor blades) as a flexographic press, giving it the same ink release characteristics as on a larger press. It also utilizes consistent speed and pressure making each draw down consistent and repeatable

Q: Do the results of the system depend on the operator?
A: NO the Perfect Proofer is automated the results stay the same no matter who is operating the system.

Evolution Series focuses on productivity in the ink lab by focusing on tool-less changeovers and user-friendly operations, allowing you to accurately and repeatedly proof your inks before they go to press.

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