COR 300


  • COR 300 COR 300
  • Tool-Free Quick Change Unwind Tool-Free Quick Change Unwind
  • Tool-Free Rewind Tool-Free Rewind
  • Cantilevered Turret Allows Easy Webbing Cantilevered Turret Allows Easy Webbing
  •  Evolution Series Motion Control    (5 Year Warranty) Evolution Series Motion Control (5 Year Warranty)


COR 300

  The integration of the COR 300 into your ink formulation workflow will eliminate the ridiculous press side battles of color matching that you fight every day. The COR 300 has the ability to proof on any substrate from 0.5 mil film to corrugated board and everything in-between. The Perfect Proofer utilizes the same components used on your flexographic presses, including photopolymer plates, sticky-back and doctor blades. This allows you to accurately proof your ink and achieve delta E’s of less than 1 from the ink lab to your press - eliminating press side color matching.  The Perfect Proofer removes the human error inherent in other draw-down methods, assuring that every drawdown is accurate and repeatable regardless of the operator or the day.  


  • Adjustable Speed from 20 FMP to 155 FPM.
  • Constant automated pressure assures accurate drawdowns.
  • Cantilevered turret allows easy access for webbing
  • Durable high-gloss chemical resistant epoxy finish
  • Tool-less substrate changeovers
  • Self-adjusting unwind for roll width
  • Tool-less, quick change-out rewind core
  • Convenient web tracking adjustment controls
  • Front mount fine tune speed adjustment
  • Fine tune tension adjustment controls
  • Evolution series motion control (5 year warranty)
  • Works with either the PH 100, PH 200 or ES 100 Perfect Proofing handles.

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