ES 100 Proofing Head


  • ES 100 ES 100
  • Works With Your Existing 1" Anilox Rolls Works With Your Existing 1" Anilox Rolls
  • Snap-In Dual-Blade Metering System Snap-In Dual-Blade Metering System
  • Locking Indicator Pin Locking Indicator Pin
  • Quick Change Anilox Quick Change Anilox
  • Create Your Own Photopolymer Plates Create Your Own Photopolymer Plates


ES 100 Proofing Head

  The ES 100 proofing handle utilizes the same components used on your flexographic press, including plates, sticky-back and doctor blades, allowing you to truly proof your ink like on a flexo press. The ES 100 was designed to use all of your existing 1inch rolls, which can be changed out in seconds.  


  • Mounts on Perfect Proofer ink proofing system.
  • Uses any 1-inch anilox
  • Snap-in dual-blade ink metering system
  • Tool-less quick-change anilox
  • Engineered plate bearing system that improves Run-Out
  • Locking indicated cross bolt
  • Durable chemical resistant epoxy finish
  • Fully sealed chemical resistant impression adjustment screws
  • Mount your photopolymer plates on a 5.8 x 2.75 inch plate cylinder.
  • Tooled for any plate and stickyback thickness.
  • Constant automated pressure assures accurate drawdowns.
  Customize your Photopolymer Proofing Plates!
The ES 100 uses the same photopolymer plates you use on your presses. No need to purchase plates from us, you can produce them yourself. This allows your organization the ability to customize any image on your proofs to include tint patches, graphics, logos or signoffs at any LPI to your specific needs at your convenience. Every proof can be tailored to your customer’s needs. Our patented DOT GAIN Technology gives you the ability to measure density and dot gain on your draw down, assuring accurate prediction of the inks performance on press.

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