COR Wash


  • COR Wash COR Wash
  • Touch Screen Operation Touch Screen Operation
  • Industral Pressure Wash System Industral Pressure Wash System
  • Dual Air Blade Drying Technology Dual Air Blade Drying Technology
  • Cleans & Dries in Minutes Cleans & Dries in Minutes
  • Works with other handles Works with other handles


COR Wash

  The COR Wash is an automated cleaning and drying system powered by a touch screen PLC. You simply place your drawdown handle in the COR WASH system, spray it with the cleaner of your choice, close the lid and push the start button. The COR Wash does the rest. In about 2 minutes the handle is washed, rinsed, and dried, ready for another drawdown. The COR Wash works with most ink chemistries  


  • Automated touch screen interface operation
  • Cleans and dries in the matter of minutes with the push of 1 button
  • Minimizes cleaning solution consumption
  • Multiple pre-set wash settings
  • Multi angle high-pressure wash
  • Dual air blade drying technology
  • Durable high-gloss chemical resistant epoxy finish
  • Compatible with: ES 100, Harper Phantom, Harper Echocel Junior, PH 100 and PH 200

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