• The Future of Proofing
  • ES 100

    * Works with your exisiting 1" anilox rolls
    * Snap in dual-blade ink metering system
    * Tool-free quick-change anilox
    * Locking indicated cross bolt
    * Create your own photopolymer plates
    * Durable chemical resistant epoxy finish
  • COR 300
    * Tool-free quick change unwind
    * Durable high-gloss finish
    * Tool-free rewind
    * Convenient web tracking controls
    * Front mount fine tune speed adjustment
    * Fine tune tension adjustment controls
    * Evolution Series motion controls
    (5 year warranty)


  • COR Wash
    * Automated touch screen operation
    * Cleans & dries in minutes with the push of 1 button
    * Minimizes cleaning solution consumption
    * Multiple pre-set wash settings
    * Multi angle high-pressure wash nozzles
    * Dual air blade drying technology
    * Compatible with other drawdown tools
    * Durable high-gloss finish


Evolution Series focuses on productivity in the ink lab by focusing on tool-less changeovers and user-friendly operations, allowing you to accurately and repeatedly proof your inks before they go to press.

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